Events and Results

2017 Events/Results

Melting Mann

Barry Roubaix

The Lowell 50 (spring)

Yankee Springs TT

Fort Custer Stampede XC

Island Lake Challenge XC

Sweat Shaker XC

Holland 100 (road century)

Big M XC

Glacial Hills XC

Maybury TT

Addison Oaks XC

Pando XC

2016 Results

Sweat Shaker, 6th Place

Tree Tops XC, 3rd Place


Glacial Hills XC, 8th

Maybury TT, 12th

Addison Oaks XC, 8th

2016 MMBA CPS, 8th Place overall Sport Clyde

TK Lawless XC (NIMBA) 2nd Place Sport Open

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