Monday, September 15, 2014

Addison Oaks Fall Classic (yep...another race recap)

It has been a while since my last post so I wanted to get this recap out before I blocked it out. So here it goes...

Zack and I got up and loaded up the Crosstrek for the long trip across the state. Knowing it was a 3 hour drive we left around 8:30. The drive over was uneventful and we arrived at Addison Oaks around 11:45. Headed to registration and it was time to get ready.

I went out and pedaled around to warm up and I was pretty relaxed. A fellow sport clyde rode up and we were talking about the course and who was racing, ect. I knew it was a faster course...and I was hoping that the entries would be lower as there was only 6 pre-registered. When we lined up to the start...there was 13 of us. Dang....

3, 2, 1...go....and we were off. The start was across a grassy area and then a short paved section right into a climb. I saw the 3 leaders disappear right away. But I was sitting in 7th or 8th at the top of the climb. I had a few guys behind me and was in a decent train for the first two miles or so. The train started to stretch out and there was a smaller group of about 4 of us. The guy in front of me was starting to pull away but then went down in one of the rock gardens. I slipped past him and another guy was on my wheel...but it was a couple of miles later when they both caught me and passed me on a short steeper climb....and I couldn't hold on anymore. I watched them disappear and settled into my pace.

I came into the open field and passed the pavilion where they had the grill smelled really good...but wasn't enough to make me ride faster. ha. I went thru the lap gate....31 minutes and some change. I didn't think that was a terrible first lap. Little did I know that the leaders were already about 5 minutes ahead of me. As I started my second lap I heard a voice behind me say "pull me up this hill Sean"....hahahaha...yeah right. It was my friend Dave F. wanting me to pull him up the hill. Not happening. He had a flat and had jumped back on his bike as I passed the chute for my first lap. Eventually he passed and I was blowing up.....forced to slow down. The second lap was I pretty much rode by myself and just found my rhythm. Just under 35 minutes for the second now....I knew I was way down the ranks.....but I also knew I was feeling better and my third lap would be stronger.

I attacked the climb...standing and mashing on the pedals until I reached the top....and I pedaled hard to keep the 29er wheels rolling. One mile down....good. I hit the 2-track section and hammered knowing that I had the strength to push. I was doing pretty good....just kept pushing. Eventually the trail hit a paved section and I was spinning as hard as I could. A guy was on the corner leading off of the pavement, who later I found out does a ton of the trail work, and he was yelling "good job way to push...1.5 miles to go"....and I went hard again. Then I hit the last section and it goes to grass again. The grass made me feel so slow....but I kept going hard to the finish. Ended up 9th out of the 13 in my class....19 minutes behind the winner. minutes per lap....dang. I have a lot of work to do. ha.

Zack did good....35 minutes on his first lap....and he finished 2nd. Pretty much solidifies his top 3 finish in the series standings....if he finishes his race at Pando. I on the other hand went from 2nd to 4th in the points. I figure if I can win at Pando (funny....) and nobody else shows up that I might be able to land in 3rd.

At any rate...Addison was a fun course. Wish it was closer.