Monday, November 26, 2012

Weekly Weight Update

Ok.....this past week was Thanksgiving. Not a valid excuse to be a glutton, but an easy one to use. I did okay on Thanksgiving day by only eating one time. Way better than eating one time.....from 8am to 10pm like I have done in years past. I knew I had to step on the scale today and see what the damage was going to that helped keep me in check.

I was 260 this morning...a full pound down from where I was last Monday. Not good....but a step in the right direction is not a bad thing either. I managed to ride a few times last week and will be on the trainer this week. Cold air and early darkness are valid reasons to sit and torture myself on the sit-n-spin.

Every Monday I am going to start to post about my previous week...a recap so to speak...and will also write about what my weight is and what my goal will be for the week. it goes.....

My goal for this week is to ride at least 4 hours. I would like to lose 3 pounds as well. Gotta chip away at the weight every week and I am geared up for it. I also want to do some type of core workout at least 3 days this week as well. Gotta get my core stronger so I can climb some hills....

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Lets make it a good week!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Turkey Burner

Thanksgiving was yesterday. I ate enough in one meal to take care of my caloric intake for the day. Izzy and I rode a few miles on Thursday....because temps were in the 60's. We did a little trail behind the middle school. It is a good trail for Izzy to learn on and she doesn't get overwhelmed. A few miles and then we headed out for dinner.....and ate some turkey.

A few teammates were going to ride Kal-Haven trail today from Kalamazoo to South Haven and back but that would be 70 miles and I am not in good enough shape for that. Instead, Dan and I headed up to Luton Park for a few laps. I am getting to be in better shape with every ride....but I knew that two laps here would be a small test for me. The parking lot had one car when we got there. Temps were in the high 30's and dropping. A strong wind was making it feel colder in the parking lot, but once we got started it wasn't bad at all......but we were dressed for the cold. 

The first loop was pretty good. I was able to pace and just take it easy. Every lap I ride out there I get a little faster. It is amazing that a few months ago I was crushing the trail. Lately, I have been struggling to make it around without feeling dead. Today, knowing we were riding two laps I tried to ride easier so I would have enough gas on the second lap. I was feeling some lower back pain towards the end of the lap because most of the climbing is towards the end....but we rested for a minute and then headed out for the second loop. 

It started to snow lightly during this lap. I just kept shaking my head and thinking to myself "why do I do this" but then I remember why....because mountain biking is a lot of fun. The leaves were making the trail a little slick in the corners...and I was trying a new cornering technique so it was really interesting! I watched this video and tried it....tell you what....I know that I need some work....but if I can get better I will fly around corners! Here is a video of the Black Loop that someone posted. One of the many different loops out there at Luton.

When we got done the snow was the time we go to lunch it was snowing sideways. We burned a few calories on our two loops and then had a bowl of chili on the way home. Dan and I meet at a park-n-ride so I had to unload my bike before I could head home. I did. Put my stuff in the car....and closed the which my damn car chirped and locked the doors.....with my keys and cell phone inside. I used Dan's phone to call Chelle and Dan was nice enough to not make me stand in the snow and wait.

It was a lot of fun to ride today. Still working on the engine more and I will get to where I want to be. I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving! Hopefully I can sneak in a few more outdoor rides this year...but I am sure my bike doesn't is hanging out in the shower right now because I had to hose it down after the ride...and drive home today.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Update....lots going on...

I will start with the weekend....and go from there.

Saturday: Tried to drag my son out of bed around 8am, but he was not feeling well. I loaded up my bike and headed to Zeeland to help the WMMBA with a trail day. This park, Upper Macatawa Natural Area, is roughly 600 acres and was opened up to mountain biking last year. All the hoops were jumped through and the WMMBA was able to start cutting trail. The terrain out here is very interesting. Lots of valleys....which means a hill or two. Perfect! All the terrain around this park seems to be perfectly it is interesting that there are valleys. I worked until about 1pm cutting in trail and getting to know some people that will be riding there as well. In total there is about 1.5 miles of fresh trail in there....with plans for a lot more. I am really excited about this trail because it is so close to where I work....10 minutes....and then only 30 minutes from home.

Sunday: Up early again but this time just to ride. I met Dan S. and we headed up to Rockford to ride the two trails there.....Merrell and Luton. When we got to the parking lot there was only one car there...and it was a runner that had just finished his run. We talked for a bit and then headed out for our loop. The trail is very fun. It has a little bit of So, we did a loop there and headed a few miles down the road to Luton Park. Given the choice I would ride Luton over Merrell. This trail has a very wide variety of terrain as well. No huge hills, but they do just keep getting a bit tougher on each loop. Then a few short steep hills and you are done. Total distance was about 15 miles for the two trails. All I realized is that the engine of my bike needs some work. It was a fun ride with beautiful weather.

Monday: I stated last Friday that I was going to start watching what I eat again on Monday. At work, I made a statement about being hungry and wanting to get something to eat and a guy I have worked with for a week called me out and threw it in my face. HA. Just what I needed to wake me up! I have done a little better....but starting is the hardest part.

On topic but off subject a little: I am amazed at how terrible I feel. I have been fueling myself with garbage and it shows. I am suffering the side effects of eating terrible food. I don't sleep well. My skin is very dry. I am exhausted. My allergies are firing. I get winded walking up a flight of stairs. I know what I need to do. I am going to do it. I just cannot believe how much of a difference 20 pounds makes. I also know why I was such a jerk for so long.....because I am much happier when I am healthier. Lets do it.

P.S. I am thinking I will get up early Thanksgiving morning and go ride the new trail. Even if it is only 1.5 miles....a few laps will be fun.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Full circle

I looked at my weight numbers from this time last year. I was exactly the same weight that I was...all the way back up to 263 pounds again. At one point I was down to 239 pounds and feeling great. I gave up....stopped fighting the fight and started eating. I stopped riding. Stopped caring....frankly. The fight was still going on....but I stopped throwing punches back. So....that makes the circle complete. Every year I do the same thing....I start in the 260' my way down to the 240's or even 230's and then gradually creep back up to the 260's. This year was different because I felt it happening.....and I still let it happen. Why? Well.....I could list off a few excuses but it comes down to ONE: I am lazy.

I didn't feel like trying anymore and started finding reasons to not go for a ride....or reasons to eat an extra piece of pizza. Maybe there is more to the whole S.A.D. thing that what I actually realized...until now. Seasonal affliction disorder (S.A.D.) is a very real thing. Simply stated is is depression from the change in the seasons. I was doing okay before a family cruise at the end of September, but when we got home to Michigan it was 40 degrees colder than it was in Florida. I think that is when it started. Within a week I found an excuse to not ride. Within 3 weeks I sold off my Iceman entry. A few weeks after that I had a discussion with a teammate about S.A.D. and that is when it clicked with me that I am definitely a candidate. So now......I need to just do something about it.

Two weeks ago I made the trip to Fort Custer and rode about 18 miles with Dan S.  The ride was pretty good....just slow from lack of riding. No worries though.....Dan is a good friend and knows that I just need to or slow. So, we headed out again this past Sunday up to Luton and Merrell. The ride was a lot of fun....but I could feel that I wasn't enjoying it as much as I should have been. The reason was....I was slow. A few months ago I rode these trails and felt amazing. Sunday, I was struggling up the hills....but Dan was still waiting for me and encouraging me to just keep spinning them out.

These last few rides prompted some inner searching.....searching for that guy that was 239 only a few short months ago. He is here.....he knows what he has to do.....and now he has to do it.