Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Not good

Let me just put this out there.....I highly dislike this time of year. Not because of the season...but because of all of the food. It starts with the numerous Thanksgiving dinners and continues all the way thru Christmas until New Years day. The day that many people traditionally "start over" or "set a new years resolution" or whatever else. Blah.

At any rate.....this month has sucked (as far as riding goes). My last ride was November 29th. Yes....24 days....no ride. Here is why....

We went on a cruise on December 6th. We left on the evening of the 4th. I planned on riding the few days before we left, on the trainer, but we were so wrapped up in getting ready to go that I kept running out of time. Then...we drove to Florida and I ate like a hog for a week on the cruise...then drove home. Well.....after being home I just couldn't find the motivation to ride. I was just tired from driving home. Then....it was tonight and I got thinking about it.....3 weeks off the bike. ugh. And I planned on it tonight....but then had to pick up the littles so Chelle could wrap presents. 

So.....clearly I am heavy. What muscle I had is turning back into fat and my body is just starting to hurt. And....it will be a few more days before I will have time to ride. I accept that it is that time of year....but I have a lot of work to do when the Holiday ends. We have a party tomorrow evening and then another Christmas day and our final party on Saturday. Then New Years Eve...and as the story goes....time to reset.....and get on track.

On a related topic.....the actual size of 5 pounds of fat. The first picture below shows how large 5 pounds of fat actually is when compared to a dollar bill. Gross right....

So....that is what 5 pounds looks like....and the picture below is a representation of what 5 pounds weighs. Think about a 5 pound bag of sugar or flour. Pretty heavy....and when you think about the density of fat vs. sugar.....gross.

So...take about 10 of these bags of sugar and that is what I need to lose. Imagine.....a 180 pound guy with 10 of these bags strapped to his body.....from his waist to his chin. That is where my weight is. And slowly but surely i will take each of these bags off my body and throw them away. just like every year. So.....it starts.....yet again....

Monday, December 1, 2014

Week 2....20 weeks to go until Yankee

Very good week. It was Thanksgiving on Thursday and my 16th wedding anniversary on Friday. Dang, time flies. Well....lets get to it...

Monday is a rest day on my regimen. I am glad because we are crazy busy on Monday. So, I did Tuesday, Wednesday and I did the Friday session on Thursday Morning. I was confident that I would burn enough calories to eat a piece of pumpkin pie...but more on that later. These workouts went well.....legs are getting that tension in them and the actual sessions are harder than I imagined they would be. Feels like they are working!

Thursday before we headed off to family festivities we figure out the furnace wasn't working. After some investigation I found the drive belt laying on the floor....motor spinning.....not blowing any heat into the house.....on Thanksgiving. Awesome. So, Friday morning I got up early....Home Depot opened at 5am for Black Friday. I left the house at 6:20 only to find out that they don't carry belts because of the vast variety. Try and HVAC place they said.....so I commenced my search. Found one....that closed on Wednesday and didn't reopen until today. I was then looking for a hardware store to check before 8am when all the HVAC places opened...I passed a car parts place. BINGO. 12 bucks later I was on my way home. Installed the belt....started to get dressed for the WMMBA Turkey Burner.

I have missed the past 3 years of Turkey Burners. Kiddos were little and a mix of weather and excuses kept me from going. This year I really wanted to go and a few buddies were heading up to Yankee at 10 for the ride so I joined in. There was a ton of people there....I estimated over 70. Reports were that there were over 40 fatbikes. Awesome. After a few announcements we broke into groups and headed down the trail. Today, we were riding the fatbike trail. A trail that the good people of the WMMBA developed so that people can still ride at Yankee....and not damage the regular trail. Nice. The ride was a lot of fun. New trail is always fun...but so many people made it more fun. I did upload a video here. There was a bit of snow on the ground and temps were in the 20's. Awesome day on the trail.

Saturday, it was mid 50's. I pulled the road bike off the trainer and headed out for a decent road ride....other than the wind. Ugh. I mustered a 16mph average on the Defy with the CX tires on it. Good to ride outside 2 days in a row.

Like I said....good week.