Friday, December 18, 2009

Friday.....and an open letter to Tag Heuer

Today marked my second week of tracking weight loss. Last week I lost 6 pounds....this week I lost zero pounds....and I gained zero pounds. This means that I am still hanging out way higher than where I want to be. I will take a zero pounds after a big week...and I will expect a big week again next week. I just need to get through these next few Christmas parities without eating my weight in Hersey kisses and pumpkin pie.

Now....for my letter to Tag Heuer.

Dear Jean-Christophe Babin,

It was brought to my attention today that you have dropped Tiger Woods in your advertising campaigns in the United States. I assume this relationship with Mr. Woods has been a large investment for your company. Tiger Woods is a talented golfer. His recent activity has surely been challenging. I would like to commend your company for withdrawing his advertisements. Your decision shows that Tag Heuer is a company built on integrity and that the image of the company must be held high.

The reason I am writing this letter is as an inquiry. Now that Mr. Woods is no longer representing your company, I would like to offer myself in his place. I assure you that the dollar amount I seek is considerably less than what Mr. Woods would request. He is, or at least was, a top ranked professional golfer constantly winning tournaments. I am a weekend mountain biker trying to place in the top 3 at an event in Michigan. The scales are quite different. What I do bring is an honest and ethical family man. I am quite positive that my wife would not attack me with a golf club if she ever found out about infidelity as I have never strayed. This opportunity I am offering is a way for your company to make contact with people who possibly have never heard of Tag Heuer.

Your sponsorship with me would also be an excellent way to get a grass roots mountain bike team started. I assure you that our team would display the Tag Heuer name proudly and ethically. We are not people that the press would investigate if the odd occurrence of a crashed SUV were to arise. Please take the time to consider my offer. You would pleased to know that your hard earned money was being put to good use, and not being spent on affairs or mistresses. The occasional alcoholic beverage may be purchased, but only for the team and our friends.

I understand if you find this letter as appalling. It is shocking to know that people will proudly, and ethically, display your product for less than a seven figure contract. If our team was able to land Tag Heuer as a sponsor, it would ensure your name being shown across the state at many different events. Consider it.

Thank you for your time,
Sean Evans

Monday, December 14, 2009

Getting it done

I had set a goal to lose 20 pounds in the three weeks before Christmas. Because Christmas is on a Friday, I made that my weigh in day. Last Friday I was down 6 pounds. Not bad....just under a pound a day. It is amazing to me how much exercise helps. Not only do I sleep better, I just feel better in general. Last night I rode 19.7 miles on the trainer. I know, so many people just say "go outside and ride", but I fear for my life in my small town. People barely pay attention to cyclists in the summer....let alone in the winter. If I didn't ride my trainer, I wouldn't ride at all....and that is a fact. Once spring starts to show itself and the temps are continually hanging out in the 40's I will head outside. The cool spring air is a nice change of pace from the trainer. Plus, I will want to see where I stand for the race season.

I plan to do the MMBA CPS this year....and qualify for an award. I also plan on racing Barry Roubaix in March. I need to continue to put base mileage in through the winter so I am ready for Barry and the Yankee Springs TT a few weeks later. week down out of three and I got off to a good start. I doubt I will be down 20 pounds.....but I would like to be close......maybe 15 at the least. Wish me luck.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Every day in December?

I am going to try and ride every day in December. I plan on an hour for most of the rides because they will all be on the trainer. If it warms up on a given day, I might adventure out to a trail and ride....but I don't like the I am not counting on it. I missed the first, so I plan on making up that hour by riding 15 minutes extra on four days. I also know that Christmas day will be a no go so I will need to make up time there too.

I can go on the trainer with my ear buds in and my ipod loud as hell. It drowns out the rrrrrrrr of the tire against the trainer wheel. Some people cannot do this, but I hate I will do it. This spring I hardly rode over an hour. I had a few days over an hour and only two that reached the 1 1/2 hour mark. This year I plan to change that. Riding everyday for an hour should be easy. Not getting bored is another story. I have an interval workout to help with weight loss that I will do 3 days a week. This mixed in with one or two recovery rides per week should keep my sanity in check.

My goal is to lose this poundage I have found in recent months. All this time trying to get the weight off....and I gained.....a bunch. So....the only thing I need to do is work it off and eat better. On day 3, I am hanging in there. I am being more conscience of what I am stuffing down my gullet. I have until Christmas to lose the weight.......and I am off to a good start!