Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Getting on track....

Get on track. From the picture above you can see that there are a lot of choices. Left takes a path, right takes a path....and each of those paths offer more choices. In the end, it is us to me to make a decision and hope that the right switch gets thrown....and I stay on track.
...but what if the choice is like the picture above. No clear choice. The tracks are defined by what they are....solid and unforgiving. If two trains end up on the same track heading different directions.....nothing good happens. People can get hurt or more time can be lost trying to figure out a solution. So...we pick a path and hope for the best.
When you see this picture what do you think of? A single set of rails headed thru the woods. An Amtrack train would never be seen on this type of track. Only a slower train would grace this set of tracks with a slow and determined trip. Life is not a sprint, its a marathon....or a stage race. We choose a track....and set forth on our journey. There are times when the tracks need to be repaired....or a bridge seems unsafe. We press small step at a time.....on a single track. is always about mountain biking......

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I was thinking about this word on my way home from work today. I hear my friends talking about how much they are working out, or how little they are eating....and I just kinda shrug my shoulders with a feeling of laziness. I think it comes down to simple discipline.....or LACK of discipline. I like food. I like to ride, but would rather sit and watch television. I know that I have a race coming in about 10 weeks and I really want to be ready for it, but I just don't like winter. I want to curl up in a ball and just be lazy.
My master is so mad that he doesn't even have anything to say about it. Always what cannot be done. is a the lighter side of the force.
I need to get disciplined....and fast. I don't have very much time until the 2011 race season starts. Maybe if I use the force.....

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Operation: SHOCK and AWE

I realize it has been a while....but I have a good excuse....but it is an excuse...and I will not give it to read on.

My plan is to shock some people this spring. I am not in hiding, but I am also not going out of my way to visit with teammates and fellow riders. I am just hiding out in my house, working towards getting fit. In the spring....I want people to say "Holy lost a ton of weight" or "wow, you look good dude". That kind of thing. So....I will be on the bike......on the exercise ball....and on my feet.....attempting to kick my ass. Have you ever seen a person kick their own ass? It is pretty amazing.

I have had a bad few weeks. Not really doing a whole lot of anything. Just kinda floating along. I am finding some focus and I am planning on keeping the focus. The 2011 race season is quickly approaching...even though the snow is flying.

I will beat my ass kick yours tomorrow~~Sufferfest

Time to get to work.