Sunday, March 6, 2016

Race season quickly approaching

I had the silly idea to ride Barry Roubaix this morning. I wanted to ride early because I feared that the roads would turn to peanut butter. It was warmer than freezing yesterday and I worried the warmth would have negative effects on the roads. To my was a cool 19 degrees this morning. I drug myself out of bed and wandered downstairs to make breakfast.

I was really not ready. I easily could have just gotten back in bed and slept. I had made plans with a new teammate to I just loaded up. I was happy when I pulled out of the drive way with plenty of time to get to Yankee. Roads were quiet as I left town...with visions of Barry Roubaix on my mind.

I pulled into the Yankee trailhead to see new teammates Kevin C. and David G. gearing up for our ride. I got dressed, pumped up the tires and proceeded to fight with my dual layer gloves for 5 minutes before I could ride. Darn things. They are warm, but sometimes the 2 piece design can be a pain in the ass. Anyway, off we went.

Roads were pretty good. Here I was worried about mud and we actually had to worry more about the icy conditions. It was strange, the warmer it got the more icy the roads got. The warmth was melting the top layer of snow but it was turning solid on the frozen road underneath. The climbs would show this condition...when I was spinning under torque. Every once in a while the rear tire would spin. I didn't have too much of an issue though.

Overall, a good ride with a couple of my new teammates. It is going to be a fun year. I have my first race in less than a month. The Lowell 50 is where I will start my 2016 campaign. I will be competing in the 34 mile version just to get a "test race" to start the season. My real season will start at Yankee Springs a few weeks later. 

Gotta keep moving forward.

Oh yeah, new team. new teammates. Custer Cyclery has partnered with a brewery in Battle Creek. More on that later.