Friday, August 20, 2010

Double Header weekend?

So...I am thinking of doing two races this weekend. Maybury I am definitely doing on Saturday, and then maybe the Fort Custer TT on Sunday. Two time trials in two days....sure.

In order to prepare for this I rode a little this week. I had a very good ride on Tuesday. The zone ride I would call it. I held a nice pace and felt really good when I was done. Then Thursday came.....

I headed out for a loop on my own before trying to hang with the MMBA group ride. I rode the red loop to the green loop. I held back quite a bit because I knew I was going to have a hard time on the group ride. I am glad I did...because I needed what I had left. The group ride took off down the Green again. I was able to hold on to the back of the group and then they regrouped at the boat launch. I was pushing. We took off up the next hill and I thought I was going to die. I was running out of steam and I knew I still had a lot of distance I just kept going. At one point I told my body to leave my brain alone. I kept the group in sight for the entire ride. Not super impressive...but good for me.

So now....I have a goal in mind for Maybury. I want to be under 0:50:00. I should be able to because I hear the trail is flat....just need to be careful on the loose corners. This race counts.

Second will be the fort custer TT. If I feel up to it I will go hard on this race too. Time SUb 1:15:00 which is very doable.

Here we go! Race report...or reports to come.

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