Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Watching from the sidelines

Iceman is in 10 days. I went from pure excitement as the season began to not even going. I keep getting the never pings about this race, because I keep getting notions of going, but then they pass and I get back to normal. I would not be going up there to win, but to challenge myself to my time from 2010. A time of 3:07:00 was way off of what I wanted to post last year, but cramping ended that battle with 9 miles to go.

This year was going to be different....then I injured my knee and effectively stopped riding. I also have a bike that is not the combination is not good. I planned on coming into Iceman strong by doing Barry Roubaix training rides. Instead, I have a total of three rides since July. I went from a century ride in July to not riding at all in August, September, and barely in October.

I am standing on the sidelines now. Wondering what could have been for this year end event. What-if never got me I won't wonder what would have happened. I will just cheer for my friends and teammates and wish them luck. I won't be going to Traverse City, but I will be there inspirit.

Might be watching from the sidelines right now, but I will be back.....