Monday, March 11, 2013

Weekend update...time is flying

Time flies in a general statement. It seems like this year is already going by at a record setting pace. I realize it isn't but we are already into March. The pic below is a picture of the Barry Roubaix course from a few weeks ago. Icy. This forced me to skip rides out there and find alternate routes.

Courtesy of Laura Piippo 

This past weekend I headed down to Augusta to meet Dan S. for a ride around Gull Lake. I took the Defy with CX tires on it so I could get a feel for how it responded on pavement. The temps were much more bearable at around 35 but the wind was cutting when were stopped. Once we got moving I warmed right up. Good cold toes! We rode with Mike N. for a bit but as Dan said "he brought a spoon to a gun fight". I was on my Defy, Dan was on his TCX with road tires...Mike was on his MTB with 2.35 and 2.5 tires on it. First acceleration and we gapped him. He decided to turn off and we continued on our ride. We got about 28 miles in and my legs were feeling somewhat better. The hills are still hard....and with a race in less than two weeks that has a lot of climbing it should be interesting!

Courtesy of Laura Piippo
The pic above was taken on Sunday. We opted to not ride because of the rain and it was a good thing. Early in the day the course was solid, but by mid afternoon it looked like this. This is a public gravel road that is used by the locals. Pretty amazing to see a road in that bad of shape. Hope the weather cooperates and it dries out some....or a tough decision may have to be made.

Overall a good weekend. I did a little Tae-bo with one of my daughters yesterday and I can tell just how out of shape I am. I am going to start mixing in tae-bo and running so I can get this weight off. I won't be able to compete until I do.

Hope everyone is enjoying spring! 12 days to Barry Roubaix.

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