Monday, July 22, 2013

A little of this....and that

Weekends are usually busy for myself and my family. We are constantly on the go...and this weekend was no different. Saturday I got up bright and early and headed to Fort Custer for a lap with Jay. Even though there was a trail day we figured we would ride and remove what we could while out to cover more ground. We saw the beast of a tree in the trenches right away and called it in. Everything else we pulled off the trail as we went. Got a nice upper body work out in while that is good.
Big tree down...calling in reinforcments
After riding Jay and I headed to the Custer Cyclery Niner Demo. It was going from 10-3 and we offered to help. Bill, Brian, Doug, Lisa, Jay and I all did our turns signing people in and swapping out pedals. I want to say about 30 people test rode the different offerings. One guy didn't have a good ride as he broke his collar bone shortly down the trail. Possibly will need surgery. Yikes.

Niner Demo day!
Around 2pm we were slowing down and I finally couldn't take it anymore. Mark M. from the other side of the state had driven over to ride so I threw some pedals on a RIP 9 RDO fitted with XX1 and we went out for a lap. I will tell you this much...the bike was sweet. I don't think I would want to race on it because of the 125mm of travel but the bike is quick. Keep in mind that I ride a 26" wheeled bike, my first real 29er experience was this $6500 beauty. We rode most of the Red loop at Fort Custer and I was able to power up some climbs easier once I got the wheels rolling. The longer wheel base took me a second to get used to but Mark said I looked comfortable on the bike a few miles in. I really like the XX1 and if I ever win the lottery that will be my drivetrain for sure.

Niner RIP 9 RDO 5 Star build
Overall it was a good weekend. Busy as usual but I got to ride and see some friends then spend good time with Izzy before shipping her off to camp for a week. Things are going good....because I choose to find the positive and try to let the negative go. Thanks to Mark for making the trip over to ride. Thanks to Niner and Dan at Custer Cyclery for the demo day. Thanks to the SWMMBA for the hard work clearing the trail. Thanks to my team for your continued support!

Ride on.

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