Monday, September 16, 2013


It has been a while huh?  Well, the last two weeks have not been great. A sinus infection has knocked me down a bit but I am fighting back and will be ready for Sunday. What is Sunday? Well, I broke down and signed up for the final MMBA CPS race at Pando on the 22nd. I also signed up Izzy for her first "full length" race in the Beginner 10 and Under category. After taking her to Fort Custer I think she will be ready, and I can follow her to make sure she is ok. At just over 4 miles for her lap this will be a good first time course for her.

So right away my mind drifted back to when I bailed out at Fort Custer. I bailed because I was in awful shape and didn't feel like subjecting myself to 9 more miles of torture. I hope this race will be different. It will be on a course I have never ridden, but I have been riding more and I am way stronger than I was in the is everyone else I am sure. Jeff asked me if I was "getting excited" for the race and I just shook my head "no". It will be his first race so I am sure he will be more excited than I am, but as the time draws nearer I am sure I will get my mind into it. I will do my race (4 laps) and then hopefully get done in time to chase Izzy around on her lap. I will record her, so it should be blast!

On another note, there is a trail that has been in the works for some time in my area. Click here for a news story on it. I am excited because it is about 2 miles from my house! Lets get cutting!

Otherwise, busy as usual. I am going to try to get at least one solid singletrack ride in this week before the race as Saturday is booked solid. Gotta keep some focus and get a plan lined up for the winter...because I want to be ready for 2014....not backing in with a "wide load" sign on my back.

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