Friday, November 6, 2009

Down, but not out....

This last week has presented itself in the worst way. I was really excited last week to have the opportunity to hit Ray's and blow off some steam. What I didn't want was the sickness that I found starting Saturday evening. Scratchy throat and soreness started to show their ugly heads. It it now Friday and I am still congested. My chest hurts when I try to do anything. I am coughing a little less today and I am starting to feel better.....but nowhere near 100%. I start feeling worse when I think about the school work I have due in the next two days. I was hoping to get out and ride at Fort Custer since the temps are going to be in the 50's, but I fear that I would collapse and die if I tried.

anyway, I am in my corner......resting for the next we go...


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  1. WHAT!! Why didn't you send me a change of BLOG notification? I've been looking for you to update... geez Sean, whatever... "friend." hahahahahha