Friday, October 30, 2009

Ray's MTB

I was down in Cleveland helping out my brother-n-law. I looked at a map and figured out we where 5 miles down the highway from Ray's. We got done early on Wednesday and that is where we went. I was surprised by the location. It's just an old industrial park...and a sign that says "Rays MTB" with a bike hanging in front of it. I was then excited when the door handle was a mountain bike fork. Nice touch. Sheldon and I went in and looked around for a few. We met Ray and chatted with him for a bit then I dove in. I rented a bike and headed to the beginners room. I rode most of the lines in there and then went to the sport section. There is quite a difference between the two. The sport section has an easier portion with low stuff and then a good mix of tests in another section. Nothing is real high....but it would still suck to fall off of some of the stuff.

This place is sweet. You can pick your challenge and just move around. There is an XC route that goes around the whole place. Pump track.....which I was not a fan of.......but only because of the exit. It was straight up to get out and I couldn't carry any momentum to get back out. I did two loops and was done. I rode around for a while and then I would take a break. Sheldon was on the phone taking care of business and then he was watching the high fliers do their thing. It's cool to watch....but I am scared to death to try and fly. There was one section in the beginners room that I started flying over....but it was short with a flat landing. Next time I want to try and clear a table top....because it just seems like fun.

I will definitely go back and have some more fun. Its just a cool place.....and I was so excited that I didn't take any

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