Monday, December 14, 2009

Getting it done

I had set a goal to lose 20 pounds in the three weeks before Christmas. Because Christmas is on a Friday, I made that my weigh in day. Last Friday I was down 6 pounds. Not bad....just under a pound a day. It is amazing to me how much exercise helps. Not only do I sleep better, I just feel better in general. Last night I rode 19.7 miles on the trainer. I know, so many people just say "go outside and ride", but I fear for my life in my small town. People barely pay attention to cyclists in the summer....let alone in the winter. If I didn't ride my trainer, I wouldn't ride at all....and that is a fact. Once spring starts to show itself and the temps are continually hanging out in the 40's I will head outside. The cool spring air is a nice change of pace from the trainer. Plus, I will want to see where I stand for the race season.

I plan to do the MMBA CPS this year....and qualify for an award. I also plan on racing Barry Roubaix in March. I need to continue to put base mileage in through the winter so I am ready for Barry and the Yankee Springs TT a few weeks later. week down out of three and I got off to a good start. I doubt I will be down 20 pounds.....but I would like to be close......maybe 15 at the least. Wish me luck.

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