Wednesday, June 30, 2010

June in the books

June of 2009 was my best month. I had 238 miles. This June I barely hit 200 miles, but I am still stronger than I was this time last year. The really scary part about the 200 miles this June is that I had 1/4 of those miles in one ride. I rode a 1/2 century in the first week of the month...and scraped the rest of the miles together. The difference for these miles was simple. I found as many hills as I could and pointed my front wheel right towards them.

I am happy with my total for the month...and for the year. Yikes...I am way ahead of last far in fact that I passed my mileage for last year a while ago.

My ride tonight was interesting. I got chased by a doberman. And I mean....chased. I accelerated and thought that I dropped him....but he was still closing in. I could hear his owner yelling for him to come back. He was barking....but he didn't seem mean...but I didn't really want to take my chances. Cruising 20 mph and having a dog close in on you is sorta disheartening.

Boyne is in the near future. 11 Days. I want to be under 240 pounds by then....and I am on my way. July will be a good mileage month!

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