Sunday, September 19, 2010

Everything happens for a reason

Last week I was riding at Fort Custer and started to realize something was wrong with my rear wheel. It felt...wiggly....if I had to describe it one word. I actually stopped twice and check the tire pressure because that is what it felt the rear tire was losing air. To my was fine. Hmm. So, I kept going.

Back in the parking lot when I was waiting for some other people I started looking at my rear wheel. My rear brake was rubbing a I reset the wheel in the drops. When I checked to see if the brake was rubbing....I hear a tick. The tick was a broken spoke. Only one....and a slight wobble in the wheel. I took it in and Laura fixed it up for me. When she put the wheel on the truing stand....she looked at me with a strange look. She better look at this. My rear hub is in rough shape. It was loose....and full of loose that she was not sure she was going to be able to true the wheel. Thankfully a quick tightening (knowing I will tear the wheel apart later) and she was able to get the wheel straight.

I started thinking about this broken spoke....and loose rear hub. The wiggle that I thought was a low tire was probably the tire sloshing around on the loose bearings. I might not have ever checked the hub.....well....I know I never would have checked the hub. So....the broken spoke led to the discovery of another issue.

I guess everything does happen for a reason......

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