Thursday, September 2, 2010

Robbing Peter.... pay Paul. For the record....Peter and Paul (for this example) are mountain bikes. Paul is shown in the picture below...and Peter is Michelle's Rockhopper. I am setting this bike up for our last two races of the season and then he will be ready to roll next year.

Again....our family schedule has taken on its normal crazy form for the fall. Soccer and dance on Monday. Soccer on Tuesday. Youth group on Wednesday. Dance on Thursday. Soccer on Friday. Somewhere in there has to be time to ride....and it will show up eventually. I know I will get some saddle time this weekend...because I have to take Zack out to try the new bike right? Make sure its functioning before race day? Sounds like a plan. And I am hoping we can pre-ride Addison on Saturday before the race.

Anyway....sleep well people. Hopefully we can all wake up rested.

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