Monday, November 1, 2010

Where did the focus go?

I don't know....but I am starting to line up the sights again on the last race of the season. The weather report for November 6th looks cold. Highs in the low 40's. It will be cold....but I am still banking on it being fun. The Iceman is going to be closer to 29 miles this year. I start in the 21st wave....about 1600 people will have already started by the time I go. The path should be beaten in. Hopefully I will pass a few people....and I am sure I will be passed by a few people. I am going in with a goal time and a positive attitude. Just finish. I know I won't win....the class formation (or lack of beginner, sport, expert classes) will ensure that my goal of a top 10 will not happen. Oh well, just race against the clock and the few people that I can compete with.

GO BABY GO. My goal time was going to be between 2:15 and 2:30. My official goal is still 2:30...but I will accept anything less than fastest time in any Iceman. It was a long time ago....and I need to raise the bar just a little bit more.

Nice and easy spinning this week just to keep the legs moving is the plan. Good luck to everyone that is racing. Drive safe. Have fun. Repeat.

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