Friday, December 24, 2010

The Affair Part 2

You might want to read PART 1 first to understand what this is truly about.....

Part 2 should have happened a long time ago. Part 1 took place many months ago in May. My affinity for the number 250 has long dwindled, and I was totally into 239. The problem was....239 just was not as interested as I hoped. We flirted a few times. I would approach the number with plans on asking it out within a week, but then some other numbers would call and we would hang out. Stress was surely a factor in my decision on what number to hang out with. When I get stressed I find it easier to hang out with the comfortable numbers.....sometimes even the 245's and 247's. We had good why not right?

Today though.....I got a visit. When I woke up 239 had left me a present. Christmas present maybe, but FINALLY....I was being approached by 239. Just look at the number.....its curves....240 is kinda blocky and round....but

Eh hem. Anyway, I am thinking that 239 and I will hang out for a while. I might even get to hang out with 239's friends.....235, 232, and 229. I have heard that a lot of people are friends with 229....but I am looking for relationships. Short meaningFULL relationships. Maybe if 229 sees this I might have a chance. For now, I will enjoy my time with 239 and part ways with 240.

Note to 240: I have enjoyed our time together, but please understand that I need to move on. Maybe you can hang out with 250 and say bad things about me like 260 and 270 have. I will have moments of weakness, but I will do my best not to call you. I have moved on to better numbers.....better for me......maybe you will find someone else to be happy (or miserable) with. Please don't call......I would hate to have to explain this to you again.....

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

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