Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Operation: SHOCK and AWE

I realize it has been a while....but I have a good excuse....but it is an excuse...and I will not give it to read on.

My plan is to shock some people this spring. I am not in hiding, but I am also not going out of my way to visit with teammates and fellow riders. I am just hiding out in my house, working towards getting fit. In the spring....I want people to say "Holy lost a ton of weight" or "wow, you look good dude". That kind of thing. So....I will be on the bike......on the exercise ball....and on my feet.....attempting to kick my ass. Have you ever seen a person kick their own ass? It is pretty amazing.

I have had a bad few weeks. Not really doing a whole lot of anything. Just kinda floating along. I am finding some focus and I am planning on keeping the focus. The 2011 race season is quickly approaching...even though the snow is flying.

I will beat my ass kick yours tomorrow~~Sufferfest

Time to get to work.


  1. I need to kick my own ass a little harder... and eat much less. grr... :) Can't wait to see you in the spring!

  2. Eating is fun....but counterproductive.

    Are you guys coming to Barry Roubaix again??