Monday, May 2, 2011

Why do I feel like I should be somewhere......

Yesterday was a beautiful day for racing the Fort Custer Stampede. Sun was shining and temps were perfect for me.....high 60's/low 70's. I decided to go warm up and headed out for a spin up. I had about 15 minutes....plenty of time. When I turned around to head back to the start line I felt a little bouncy. My rear tire was going flat. I stopped to put some air into it...and failed. I was a lot further away from the start than I had 1/2 mile. So....I kept trying and finally just jumped back on because I was going to miss my start. I finally gave in and stopped. Ripped the tube out and was getting ready to pump when a car pulled up and asked if I needed anything. FLOOR PUMP! Thankfully he had one and was eager to help. He pumped up the tire and I flew to the start....heart racing. While changing the tube I heard the start horn more than once. I knew I was going to miss my wave.......

When I did get to the start line I was almost 4 minutes late.....Zack's wave (wave 9) was starting and I was in wave 5. 4 minutes.....behind.....right off the bat. SUCK. My racing rival and I had planned on podium before the race started.....and he left without me.....dang.

I stopped thinking....and just went. I started catching people right away. I am not the strongest passer...and I know it burns more energy to pass....but I had to. This was supposed to be my podium......4 minutes......

Heart rate was maxed......what seemed like forever. I knew I had to just keep going because I was so far behind. I know the course well enough to that I had an idea of what my final time would be....and even 4 minutes should not hurt me too bad. About 4 miles in I caught my first co-clyde. He was struggling....and I was in rhythm.... (side note: there were only 6 pre-reg in my I was guessing that I was in top 7-8 at this point...with work to do)

I passed what I thought were two more in my class and I was sure I was top 5 now. I kept pushing on....but then I got hung up with a train. There was nowhere to pass and about 10 people in front of me. I am sure I lost at least a minute here....but I was running low on energy and I wanted to save it for the last mile. opening....and I shot thru passing about 4 people....then a few more....then I was alone. Head down.....hard as I could. Hi Chelle! Head back down to the finish. 0:59:11 roughly 10 minutes slower than I wanted to finish. Good enough for 5th place though.

So....I will take it. If I had the same time while starting with the correct group I would have been in 4th. Had I started with the group....I would have been able to keep them in sight and maybe done better.....but I will take my 5th! First top 5 in the CPS. More to come!

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  1. Maybe getting to the line with your HR up is a good thing! ;)

    Of course, getting there with your HR up, and on time would be even better!

    You'll get 'em next time!