Sunday, February 19, 2012

Yankee Springs in February...

I have ridden Yankee Springs twice already this year. A couple of weeks ago conditions were great. Saturday, the conditions were very odd. Temps were in the low 30's when we started. I was joined by Dan S., Dan T., Dave W., Jay B. and Lisa P. for a loop. The group headed down the warm-up loop when I stepped into the bathroom so I was talking to Dave for a minute while he was getting ready. Knowing I was the weakest link I started down the trail. I enjoy riding in a group....but I do like the confinement of a solitary ride.

I knew the rest of the group would catch me eventually so I just rode my pace. The trail was frozen for the most part. There were some sections of icy covered snow. One place actually had some mud...which I found extremely odd for Yankee. It was interesting to be flying down a descent and hit the frozen sections not knowing if your tires would hold your line. Back to the ride....

I made it a few miles before I finally saw Dan S. coming down the trail. When I saw him....I knew it was only a matter of time before I got caught....but I wanted to see how long I could stay ahead of him. It wasn't long until I reached one of the long climbs and could hear him coming up the hill behind me. He caught me...and disappeared shortly thereafter. I didn't want to chase him because I knew I would blow up and struggle the rest of the ride.

Jay caught me a while later. He stuck with me for the rest of the ride. The mat climb was the highlight of the ride. Jay rode ahead and then came back down the hill to lend me a boost.....but I really didn't want one. I was stalling, but I screamed "I GOT IT.....I GOT IT" and was able to make it without the help. Toughest climb out there....and I am really happy I made it.

And speaking of hills.....I made every climb out there for the first time.....ever. Yeah....kinda dumb, but I have been riding there for years and that is the first time I remember ever clearing every hill on one ride. That is a huge accomplishment for me this early in the season. I know the race season is only a few weeks away and I need to keep some focus. A ride like this one when I make the entire loop without missing a hill is just what I need to motivate me to lose more weight and gain some speed.

Now....the sun is shining.....might have to go ride....

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