Tuesday, February 19, 2013

First test of 2013

Because of my geographical location it is common for me to train indoors for most of the winter. Say what you want, but I will spin for 90 minutes inside because of weather and darkness. Add those two things together and the glitch with "this is my road" car drivers in my area and there is no way I will be outside in my town. Thankfully, I have been able to sneak out a few times and get some mileage in to test out the legs.

The family and a few friends
A few weeks ago I took the family over to Fort Custer for a day in the snow. We did some sledding and had a fun cookout with a bunch of friends.
Dan brought his Moonlander and we made a few tirps down and then back up the sledding hill. It was a solid climb and I am happy with my 3 trips. So that brings up the next topic of a fat bike......yeah.....what kind of fun could I have with one of those!!! But, a new MTB is first on the schedule so nevermind. ha.

FAT BIKE? Just borrowed it for a few trips up the hill.

The real test came this past weekend. Barry Roubaix training rides with my team are starting up. Dan T., Jay and I met in Hastings to try the new course roll out. We met at 9am and off we went with temps in the teens. A few miles in we knew it was going to be a long ride because the roads were pretty icy. Jay took a spill at the top of the third sister and I dumped myself about 20 yards later. I slipped again a few miles later but no injuries....so on we went. It was so quiet out there. No cars. Just a few people out on bikes. With the ice it was difficult to climb. I am a power guy and I had to finesse the hills so I didn't spin and fall again.

The good news.....I felt pretty good. I was climbing fairly well and was happy with what training I have accomplished. The first race is coming quick and I am heading in the right direction to be as ready as I can be.
Another reason to put the bike inside the car.

On Sunday we were planning another  BR lap but it was ZERO degrees when I got up. I settled for a lap at Fort Custer following Dan S. He was on his moonlander and I was on my Epic....which was fine...but it was a rough 8 miles for sure. I felt worse after that ride than I did from the 25 miles the day before. Overall, a fun weekend of riding and I am feeling pretty good.

Get out and ride. Or stay indoors and ride. Just ride.

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