Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Keep going

What a strange and unusual week. It started with my oldest daughter getting sick. My poor wife started with a sinus infection. I came home early Thursday because I couldn't hold it in anymore, and I feel really bad for the dude in the bathroom. I was down all day Friday, so I missed a day on the trainer. No biggie, I lost 5 pounds overnight. Blech. I know I know, water weight. I ended the week down 3.75 so I really cannot complain. I will take the help. My two little girls both got sick too. Chelle is getting back to normal from her sinus issues, and I hope that the crud has finally left.

I have been doing longer rides on the trainer. 2 90 minute rides started off the week. Then I got sick and mustered an hour on Saturday followed by 1:45 on Sunday. I am feeling 100% and actually sticking to a schedule. Sure, I missed a day but I cannot look back I must keep moving forward.

Hard Rock Hotel, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, 2012
The pic above shows how I have been feeling on the bike. Strong. That will be tested this evening as I have power intervals on the schedule. I realize that the trainer is not real life. I cannot simulate hills, wind, road conditions  or any other science related factors sitting in one place. My legs, though, are still doing the work. Base miles are exactly what they are. Base. Foundation. Start. Beginning. I am building the foundation one day at a time and I know where I want to be. So, I keep going.

Barry Roubaix will be my first test. Training rides will start soon enough if it ever STOPS FREAKING SNOWING in my area. I will ride outside on that course when I can, just not sure when exactly that will be. Going into this race I know I won't win, but I am challenging myself. My season truly starts a few weeks later at the Yankee Springs TT. The first official MTB race of the season. I have a stout goal of sub 1 hour. My fastest time ever is 1:12. Yes, my goal is to shave a full 12 minutes off of my fastest ever time. How? By building the foundation now and continuing to lose weight. My weight goal is 229 or less by this race on April  21st. I still have over 25 pounds to go and about 11 weeks. Safely losing the weight (2lbs a week) is my plan. A flash in the pan diet is not going to work. I like to eat, so good (healthy) food is important. My plan is working so far in 2013. My attitude is way different this year than it has been in the past 2 years. Sure, my January wasn't as strong as I wanted, but the flip switched and I have the goals in range. Lets go.

Yankee TT, 2012 (photo by my lovely wife)

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