Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Understand this...its easy....

I know it has been a while since my last post...and honestly....it doesn't really matter. Where have I been? On the couch? On the beach? On the trainer? In witness relocation? Well...that answer is simple...busy.  The typical grind for us in the spring with dance, dance, soccer, and everything else left me with very little time to ride. Well....let me be honest.....I had time...but I didn't take it. I got caught on the downward spiral and rode it to a place I have not been in a while.....deep in a hole.

I can make excuses...but they are all paper thin. I can rifle off all these reasons that don't hold any weight. So I will just cover my absence with these simple words "it is just easier to be lazy". It is...honestly. It is easier to have the kids grab me another piece of pizza. It is easy to tell the kids yes to ice cream and candy bars and cake because they are delicious. It is just easier to come home from work and do nothing. Lazy. Period.

I took a mental hit after Barry Roubaix because I allowed myself to. So instead of getting back on the bike and riding away the anger I harbored it behind pizza and sugar filled foods. Honestly, I always eat food that is bad for me...but if I can limit my intake I drop weight. So, I have been hiding. I raced Custer...but didn't have the gas for a second lap. That's ok....because I at least tried...knowing it was going to be a rough go.

One pedal stroke at a time. That is how I am approaching things now. The funny thing is....cutting back and eating healthier is actually easier than I make it....just have to make the choice. I gave up pop on January 1st...been almost 5 months....just have to make the same commitment to my health. My family will appreciate it.

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