Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Keep going....

A lot of friends and teammates are in heavy training for the Iceman in November. These people are heading out and riding the Barry Roubaix course because it offers a lot of climbing. I figured a ride with a friend would be better than nothing so I planned on meeting Dan S. for a shortened loop. Well, he knows I don't "have to" or really "want to" ride Barry so he suggested Yankee instead. Much better!

We met at 10 and I was surprised by how full the parking lot was. Lots of people must have had the same idea, Singletrack is better than anything else...and Yankee is a good place to simulate parts of the course up in Traverse City. J.J. pulled in and off we went for a lap.

First off, this was only my 2nd ride in 3 weeks....so I knew I was going to be hurting...but add in an allergy attack and I was REALLY hurting. I never really have issues with asthma unless my allergies are flaring...and I tell you what....it was hard to breathe. I was ready to bail out....but Dan and J.J. would not let me. They were still riding and having fun in the autumn leaves. I didn't want them to wait for me, but they were going to wait to make sure I did the whole course. Blech.

I finished. I had to walk  the matted climb and one other one, but I just plodded along at my own snail pace. It is good to have people to ride with because they will push you to your limits....which mine was not very high on this day, but I was still pushed. It was slow ride....but still better than riding the couch on a beautiful Sunday morning.

Keep riding...it has been beautiful weather!

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