Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Barry-Roubaix (training and course update)

Brian, Mark and I headed out to test out the roads this past Saturday. It didn't take long before we figured out that the gravel roads were not going to be rideable. The first one we hit was pure ice. There was about a 6" strip on each edge that was walkable...but riding it was out of the question.

Mark and I (Photo Courtesy: Brian B.)
So...instead of risking injury or worse, we hit the pavement. We rode out until the odometer read 10 miles and we turned back towards the car. We managed about 21 miles and took advantage of the warmish temperatures. But.....we talked about warm weather...and melting.

Mark lives by the Barry Roubaix course so he rode Monday night. The picture below is what the roads looked like. Nasty...but ice.

Photo courtesy of Mark K.

But....the banner is up in Hastings.....
Photo courtesy of Mark K.

I did get out and ride this past Sunday. Too nice outside to skip a ride. I found a bunch of hills. My first 21 miles were pretty good. I was feeling good and holding my speed. The problem was, I rode 21 the day before and I turned straight into a headwind for the trip home. 7 miles....and it pulled my average speed down a full MPH. At any rate, I got a solid 30 miles in to cap of the weekend. Stepped on the scale Monday and I was 245. Down 22 pounds for the year. Got a new ride. Can use my wife's awesome Kuat rack and look like a real cyclist. lol. 

Because of the crazy week last week we ate out a few days and I had a lot of bread. My allergies flared up and I was miserable all last week. Sunday I cut wheat again and I am already feeling better. Pretty amazing that after many years of dealing with terrible allergies that they might have all been caused by a gluten sensitivity. 

10 days from today we will be racing! My season will begin!

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