Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy New Year

Said goodbye to 2014 by hanging out with some friends. When I finally got to bed on January 1st it was 4:15 am. I had to be up at 8 am to get ready for the Annual New Years Day ride at Fort Custer with the SWMMBA. I drug myself out of bed and left the house a little after 9. I got to the shop, Custer Cyclery, and a few minutes later Jimmy rolled in. Dan was there already and the three of us headed out from there.

It was chilly.....windy too, but the ride over was a solid warmup. We got to the trailhead right as the group was leaving. I coudn't really tell who was there because everyone was bundled up and had their faces covered. Anyway, off we went. It was fun to be riding Custer again after a long hiatus. The trail was like concrete....and it was actually a little dusty with the pace line we had running through the woods.

At a stop to regather...I saw a lot of the usual suspects. Good to see a lot of the people that I haven't seen in months. After a short break we started up again and just kept moving. It felt really good to be out...cold or not.

So the year started off on a positive. Last year was a decent year. Better than 2013 by about 300 miles. Not terrible for a hefty guy with 4 kids. I am thankful for each mile I can ride. Every pedal stroke....slow or fast.....thankful. 

So....2015 has started and I still can't make up my mind on what I want to do. Do I race clyde...or just age group....or do I even race at all. Only time will tell on this topic. But for now.....Happy New Year everyone.

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