Friday, February 13, 2015

2015, off an

This year is already off and flying by. Living in Southwest Michigan is always and adventure. We had 2 feet of snow on the ground in November. Hardly any snow on Christmas. And got 18" over the course of two days here a few weeks ago. As I type this we are under a Winter Storm Warning. Lots of blowing snow and frigid temps. So....I hide indoors.

January was a solid month. I started it off right with a ride (outside) on New Years Day. Haven't ridden outside since. I have had a few nice days....but missed the opportunity to get out there and break the monotony of the trainer. Instead I got a few of the Sufferfest videos to change things up.

In total...I had just under 300 miles in January. Just over 400 for the year so far. My speed is pretty solid too for this point in the year. My frustration is my weight. I feel stronger, but I am slowly losing weight. My own fault. Feel pretty good on the bike.....and the legs are surely getting stronger. Nutrition has to be dialed. I will get there.

So....the season is shaping up like this

Barry Roubaix (36 miles)
Lowell 50 (34 miles....or 57 depending on BR results)
Yankee TT
Custer Stampede
Lumberjack 100
Sweat Shaker

Those are verified.

These are not...but on the radar

Hanson 50/100
Ithica 12 Hour
Ruby 50

All I know is that I will be riding a lot to keep my fitness up. Gotta stay focused and be ready on June 20th when I have to ride 100 miles.....wait...RACE 100 miles. Have a goal time in mind right now...but won't let that leak.

Hope you all are enjoying your winter.

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