Friday, September 25, 2015

....ebb....and flow....

No posts lately, because not a lot to post about. Life got crazy busy as usual with school starting. Riding is kind of an afterthought. So, I started running a bit. Then the fair started and things go crazier yet.

So....I started to run. A mile at a time. Not really a fan, but need to be active. I got slow on the bike because my riding fell off so much. blah blah blah. You guys don't want to hear my excuses. So I won't get them to you. Just know.....things are brewing.

I did ride tonight. 20 miles. Nice. 2 things happened. One, I was visually startled by a pre-teen that was clearly practicing her halloween costume. What was it do you ask? A vampire. And to top things off she stood perfectly still with a super creepy look on her face. A vampire is not something you expect to see in September....or ever.....

Second....I had a car pass me at the closest vicinity I have ever experienced. I never heard it because it was windy....and a car was coming at me. I was as far right as I could get on a road with zero shoulder. The asshole should have waited...instead...passed me on a rough road nearly clipping my elbow at 50mph. Close, but no harm no foul.

And....finally. I turn 40 in June of 2016. I have some goals I will share once I get them dialed in. Keep the rubber side down friends.

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