Sunday, December 13, 2015

Time for change

Looking at the date on my last post I was surprised. It was back in september. A lot has been going on and I have tried to blog multiple time....but it just hasn't worked. Writers block? Well...perhaps. But I think it is truly because I haven't had anything to write about. So....a quick flashback.

Lumberjack 100 was the last race that I did, and that was back in June. This was my golden egg for 2015. When I finished I was at the height of my cycling career. I was more proud of finishing this race than I have ever been of any podium finish I have had.

Above is my old Trance X 29er. We were limited on space in the hotel room so it camped out on the desk. Lumberjack was the last ride I ever had on this bike. For those that don't know.....Jay, Lisa, and I were assaulted by a deer on the way to Sweat Shaker the weekend after Lumberjack. Honestly, this is where my downward spiral started. I wasn't able to race on a course that I would have done well on. I took 3rd at this even in 2014, amusingly enough....the first ride I had on this bike after I bought it. So I was expecting another top finish...instead I got to spectate. 

After missing that race my season was over. School started after a few months and my list of excuses for not riding was much longer than my list of reasons to ride. The small amount of weight I did lose this year crept back on. Confidence took a dump. It is amazing how it happens...and how fast it happens. I didn't want to ride anymore. I wanted to sit on the couch and eat doritos and ice cream.

Then....I went and rode. Didn't feel terrible.....but no power in my legs. So we did another ride. On Barry Roubaix. Dumb, yes...but necessary. I was saved by taking a new guy that Jeff W. and I headed out. It other description. Yankee springs is tough when you are in shape...and after a heavy thanksgiving dinner added on top of my lack of riding....I suffered. I survived though. That following weekend we decided to give Barry Roubaix a go again. Can't pass up riding in this extremely warm December weather. About 11 miles in we hit Gun lake road....and I threw in the towel. I took a right and headed back into Hastings while Jeff and Jay finished the 36 mile course. It was about 8 miles back to the car...and I was very thankful I bailed out. Just didn't have the legs.

But while I was didn't help my emotional instability to have to bail out on a ride. But instead of sliding a step further into depression...I got angry. I am focused on 2016. I am rebooting yet again. This time with a new job and a new set of goals. Stay tuned.

In other news....there is a trail in the town that I live in. A friend of mine has done major work to get funding and find property for the trail. They cut a short section of the trail to get started this past week. Below are a few pics. Word is....we have 40 acres to build trails on. I am very excicted about this because there are no trails withing 30 minutes of me. I went and rode the trail Saturday and even this short trail showed me how much work I have to do. But, a trail close to home can only help.

So even though I feel like the guy in the picture below....I know what I have to do to change that feeling. I also know hard work has it rewards. I will try to stay more current with my posts.

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