Monday, February 1, 2016

January Month end

January ended much better than it started. I was able to head out with Scott W. on Saturday to get some solid road miles. We headed out to Pullman and back. The way out was into a nasty headwind but I rather enjoyed it on the way back. Big thanks to Scott for pulling into the wind (stronger rider has to do the work ;) )

Sunday I loaded up again and headed to Augusta to do a group ride with David W., Jay B. and Bill K. We headed out and round Gull lake on wet pavement. By 10 miles it was raining. Soaking wet and trying to draft when the riders in front have a jet of water spraying off their tire isn't fun. I tucked in off center when I could. About 18 miles in we hit a hill and I got dumped. The group graciously waited for me to catch up. They had to wait every hill after that, but I was grateful to be out riding in January. I am stronger, just not as strong as these guys. Goals....riding with these guys will make me faster.

So January ended with a solid week. 259 miles for the Month. Not terrible. A bit behind last year but a solid ending to the month that I will gladly take. Tonight I am taking the night off just because I need a break. I don't feel bad today...surprisingly. But, I will be stretching tonight and maybe some core, but nothing else.

I am set up for a solid February. Should be interesting to see what Mother nature has in store for this month. All I know is...I am more focused than ever and I want to bring home a CPS Jersey this year. I have work to do, but I have time to do the work as well.

Happy February everyone.

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