Wednesday, January 20, 2016

2016 Excuses

 The longer I live the longer I realize how many excuses I have. Last year I learned how to bury some of these excuses and just life. I buried them and did my single greatest achievement on the bike. However, after that achievement....I let the excuses creep back in and my mileage and fitness suffered for the second half of 2015. Too easy to sit on the couch. Too easy to eat a bowl of ice cream. Excuses are easy. Excuses are lazy. Have you ever heard of a lazy and fast mountain bike racer or road racer?

So that left me slow and fat at the end of 2015.....just like each of the previous years. I feel like the blogs have always been the same. Year after year of the same ridiculous excuses. But, again this year I am going to say that this is the year.
It has started off right. New job. New direction. Career. Outlook. I will be 40 so the "now or never" theory comes into play. Think about it....if life has been uphill for the past 40 years and all I have been doing is making excuses then I should be all out...and the next 40 years should be downhill. Or, another way to look at it....shit or get off the pot. Now is the time to put away the excuses and kick some ass. Or it might never happen.

 This picture kind of sums up how excuses work. The more you rely on them the easier they are to use and the downward spiral continues. My house of failure is large and has many rooms.

Time to rebuild and move into something healthier...where excuses are no longer used as currency but are looked at like rotten eggs. Sorry, couldn't think of an analogy.

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