Sunday, January 3, 2010

2009 Review

Total mileage: 1200.99
Total time: 104:49:31

Not terrible for me.....but not the 1500 miles I was aiming for. I only did two races in 2009, but I still managed a 6th in the points standings. Here are a few goals for 2010.

Yankee Springs.......less than 1:15:00...and a podium.
Fort Custer.....anything better than DFL...which I took in 2009 because of a flat.

An award in the MMBA CPS. (which includes finishing enough races to get an award).

1500 miles. I was close this year...but I was all over the board on consistent riding. I would ride a lot for a few weeks and then none for a month.

Time to get to work....

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