Wednesday, May 19, 2010

1000 and counting

I felt good. Real good actually. Good enough that I had a smile on my face while making the final uphill grind toward home. I was smiling because my legs were sore when I started the ride. I rode on Sunday, followed by two hours of running around with the girls. Then I had another hour of soccer on Monday and my legs were just hurting. When I left the house I knew it was going to be a good ride. My mood was in the right place because I knew I was going to clear 1000 miles for the year. As I rolled into the driveway I had a pace of 16.44 mph over 25.85 miles. Considering that I was averaging 15 mph a few months ago....I will gladly take that pace.

Looking over the schedule for the rest of the year is interesting. Bloomer in a few weeks, a course I have never ridden. State games....where I will get my ass handed to me by the skinny fat guys. Boyne Marathon....23 miles on a ski hill...and a trail I have never ridden. get the point.......and Pando.......

I have only ridden 1 of the 5 courses that I will be racing on. I am hoping for a good showing in a few weeks...and I am planning on Misery Loves Company on Sunday for a solid 12 miles of ass kicking roads and hills. Time to get to work on the second thousand miles....

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