Saturday, August 20, 2011

Anyone have an idea? bike hangs in the garage without a rear wheel....and I sit here on the computer. I know this blog has been neglected in recent months and I don't really have any excuses other than a full time job, four kids, a wife, and many other empty reasons.

I would like some help thinking of ideas. What should I write about? There are maybe 3 people that actually read this, but I would like some ideas. My riding will be non-existant for the next week until I get to the doctor and have my knee checked I think my first post (on Monday) will be about knee surgery recovery. Not that I am going to need surgery, but still good to see what steps might be needed for recovery right? is open. Bike review? Product reviews? Injuries? Photo journals?

Anyway.....let me know.


  1. Write about your thought process for 2012.
    Are you going to spend the winter training in order to drop weight and move up, or is racing going to no longer be a competition, just something you do. Either way is fine, but commit, don't waffle. Mmmm...waffle....

  2. Tell them that Mountian biking is not just racing. They can ride for fun if they still remember how. How about exploring the new road and two tracks around the homested. Just some Ideas for stuff to do.