Tuesday, August 16, 2011

An open letter....

First off, the blogs have been fairly quiet lately as I am sure everyone is out riding and squeezing every last second of excitement that they can out of summer. Myself, things have been rocky at best but I am plugging away. My last post explained how I applied to Trek and how I was rather excited. Today I got a friendly "not interested" in response to that application. I did ask them to elaborate as to how I was "not qualified" so hopefully they will respond and I will learn what I need to achieve a position with them.

Second, I tweaked my knee on the trampoline the other night. Wasn't feeling too bad today until I helped a co-worker lift a conveyor. Pain shot throughout my knee and I have a bag of frozen veggies on it as I type. After I got the denial from unnamed company the wheels got to turning. Maybe I should just tell everyone that I am looking with an open letter. Not to anyone in particular, but just to anyone willing to read....so here it goes.

Open letter:

To whom it may concern,

My name is Sean. I am 35 years old and I love cycling. I started as a mountain biker but have grown fond of road riding due to time constraints and trail availability. I don't ride as much as I would like, but I do my fair share. Four children keep me busy with each of their activities; however, my oldest races mountain bikes with me and my middle daughter keeps asking me to take her to a "real trail". I started riding over 10 years ago, but I had a very long period during which I never rode. I finally got started again about three years ago when the passion started to grow again.

As time has progressed I have always dreamed of working in the cycling industry. I would love to design, but I am also not picky. I recently sent resumes to numerous companies for positions that I am not qualified for, but you never know unless you try, right? Now the denials are starting to arrive and the dream is beginning to fade yet again. It makes me wonder....what do I have to do to get a job in the cycling industry? I ride. I love bikes. My wife tells me that I am intelligent. So I am in limbo again....not knowing what I need to do to find a job in the industry that I love so much.

I can learn. I can travel. I can test. I can do whatever you would like for me to do. It appears the only thing I cannot do is understand what it takes to land a position in the cycling industry. Somewhere in Wisconsin, California, or Colorado would be nice. Somewhere with some hills. Somewhere I could raise my children in a culture that promotes activity. We are a very active family and would need activity to keep us busy. I am really not picky, these are my only requests. I would like to pay my bills and ride my bike. Not too much to ask right?

Anybody out there that can help me out? Point me in the right direction? I need advice as to who I need to talk to. Advice on what I should know. Advice....plain and simple. I just want to be part of the industry that I love so much and will continue to love until my last breath. My dream is to die while bombing down a mountain somewhere....at age 85. Bury me with my bike....I don't care. I just need some advice as to how I can make this happen.

Keep the rubber side down,


......so.......if you can help me out........please do so.....

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