Monday, August 8, 2011

A glimmer of hope.....

Anybody that reads this blog or knows me will know at least two things about me: 1: Family always comes first....2: I LOVE BIKES. That leads me to a much needed post on my blog. We haven't exactly had any good news, and I won't spill all that information here.....but I do have a glimmer of hope to tell you about.

I applied to a major bike company....and I am actually qualified for the position!!!!!\

I am super excited about the possibility of actually working for a company that makes the things I love 2nd most....behind my fam! I sent off my resume and the response I got, which everyone who applies gets, was that they will review and let me know in the next few weeks. I am super stoked about even the possibility. It would mean a move to another state, but it would be totally worth it.

On a more recent note.....I rode about 15 miles tonight.....hahaha

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