Sunday, April 22, 2012

Yankee Time Trial 2012 edition

This edition of the Yankee Time Trail was different than years past. Zack decided to not race, but Zoe was racing! We got to Yankee around 10 and managed to watch some of the Expert and Elites start, then we got the girls registered for the Kids Race and headed over there.
Zoe after her race
Zoe did the short course, thankfully. She is still on training wheels so I had to basically push her for 1/2 mile around the course. She had fun, and then she got drawn for the bike giveaway! SWEET! Bad news for Zoe, I think Izzy is going to get it first because she is really wanting to Mountain bike.

Izzy after her race
Izzy had to do the long course, 2 miles. She did good from what I hear and Zack ran behind her. She is such a trooper and really wants to the bike that Zoe won will come in handy.

Onto the race. As this was my first Sport race I was pretty sure I was going to get my ass handed to me.  Jay started 10 seconds behind me and it didn't take long before he was riding my wheel. He trailed me for a bit and then shot past, disappearing over the hill. 

I possibly started too fast again. I didn't want to get passed by a not of people, but it happened anyway. Never really had any problems, but I was letting a lot of people go by. The entire race I was pushing myself. I backed off because I didn't have a choice. I was just cruising along at my own pace. The downhills is where I learned something......I am kinda fast. I had a train of about 8 riders gaining on me, right on my wheel going into a switchback section. I put the hammer down and put a gap on them. They blew past me on the flat, but I held them off for a while at least! I had another section where I had a guy gaining on me, and I let it rip on the down hill. Hit the berm turn at full speed, the fastest I have ever hit it and it felt awesome. I held the guy off the entire downhill until the next climb and I asked him when he wanted around. His response was "you are doing fine dude" and then he promptly disappeared around the bend. 

I was out of gas but I made every climb. Chain slipped once, but I got back on and finished the climb. I even made the matted climb....which drew "AWSOME JOB" from the three guys behind me. 2 miles to go is where I really try to crank it up....and I just didn't have anything left. I saw mile marker 13 which meant I was approaching the finish line soon. I gave all I had as I came out by the road. Thankfully it is a bit downhill and I was able to look fast coming around the corner and to the finish line. 1:12:20. Fastest lap ever for me. 19 out of 21. Sure, I have work to do....but now I know where I stand. Yankee is always my slowest race due to the climbs. Custer Stampede in 2 weeks. Gotta represent!

Future of our sport....flying the colors

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  1. Very cool. Hey, I have the perfect bike for Zoe, and you can have it if you figure a way to get it (I'm doing Mud Sweat and Beers in 2 weeks if you are going, or if you ever happen to be on the South East side of the state...) Anyway, it is a 12 speed 20" wheeled Performance mountain bike. It's purple. Very nice for a kid's bike, hardly used. Email me if interested: