Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Take the plunge

In a few weeks I will line up for the start of the Yankee Springs Time Trial. The first race on my schedule that means anything. Barry Roubaix is fun, but in all reality I am in no way a contender. I just race against myself for 36 miles at race pace, which cannot be simulated.

The reason this year is different is because I have taken the plunge into Sport. I will still race the Clydesdale class, but that doesn't mean much. The sport class riders are faster and have more endurance than the Beginner Clydes that I have raced with in the past. I know this first hand because my Shop owner races Sport Clyde and he destroys me week in and week out.

I am excited about the prospect of Sport. Longer races, different skill levels, ect. What worries me most is that I was off my bike for 6 months last year nursing tendinitis in my right knee. I have been working hard to regain my fitness from last year, but honestly I only have 3 months on the bike....and only 3 solid weeks of actual training. Had a hiccup this week with my allergies pounding me for 3 days, but I will be back on track this week....tonight actually.

I weighed in at 247.5 on Monday. On track to reach my goal weight by the end of the year. A 1.25 pound loss this week....when I did absolutely nothing. Honest....I had a recovery ride Sunday with Izzy and was not on the bike again until Sunday night for 35 whole minutes of spinning.

What does it all mean? Well.....I need to lose about 8 pounds by Yankee. Those eight pounds can be the difference maker for this first race. I am glad it is a TT because a mass start Sport race is a lot quicker than a beginner race. I know what I need to do......press forward and continue to get better.....faster. A challenge has been given by a teammate.....and I have a teammate in my class that I know is faster than me right now. If they change the start to single riders every 10 seconds I will be chasing him by 20 seconds. Carrot. Frisbee. Beer on a string. Whatever you want to call it.......I need to keep him within 20 seconds....nearly insight for entire race out there in those damn hills.

I will tell you this much.......I will push as hard as my body allows me to push.....and we will see what happens.


  1. You will do fine... with or without the 8lbs. Keep on truck'n!!

  2. Not off to a great start...but progress is progress.