Tuesday, June 26, 2012

One and done....

The number 1 seems innocent enough....and so does a zero. But when you add two zeros behind the one....and then add the word miles behind it....well...that is a different story. The 4th Annual Allegrina 100 was this past Sunday and the jury was still out on how I would feel. We had just gotten back from the Dominican Republic on Friday and we were busy all day Saturday at a wedding. Not enough sleep and zero miles in 7 days meant a high probability of pain. So...here we go.

The weather was perfect. Cool. There was a slight chance of rain, but nothing major ever happened...just a few sprinkles. We lined up a little after 8 for the first 45 mile leg of the ride and we were off. I knew I was in trouble because the pace was way harder than I anticipated. I was hanging with the group, but there was no way in hell I could hold that pace for 100 miles. Dan S., Dave, Chris C., Dan T., and Chris B. all were there to suffer with me, but they near the front and I was mid group. The first leg was fairly uneventful. The group got split on some climbs and I got dumped out of the fast group. Dan T. and I worked together to keep going until we got caught by the next group about 40 miles in. We led the pack for a bit but then I peeled off and dropped in for the rest of the loop. 45 done, time to refuel and regroup. The plan was to wait for the people riding 55 miles and head out as a group, but we didn't want to wait as our legs were feeling it after the stop.

The next loop was 33 miles and we had about 20 riders. Before too long the group was thinned to 10 and I was doing my best to just hang on. Eventually I got shot out the back again but I kept some of the riders in sight. Dan T. was with me again and we just plugged away until a tandem with Kaat caught us and led us back to Felt Mansion. I rolled in and Dan S. said that we were not very far behind them. I figured this was impossible because I felt so slow, but we were closer than I thought. Only a few minutes behind them. I was done.....I declared "that's all I got" and was ready to quit. Dan S. drove and he told me that he wouldn't let me into the car unless the computer read 100 on the odometer. Ugh....ok, but the pace needs to be slower because my legs were toast. Jet lag was rearing its ugly head. Refuel. Go.

The last leg was 22 miles. We were riding through Saugatuk when I heard Dan T. say "SEAN!" and when I looked at his face I knew something was wrong. He was starting to cramp and we had at least 16 miles to go. Instead of turning back, we pressed on. I forgot about my own pain and just kept an eye on him to make sure he was okay...which he was....just in a ton of pain from the cramps. Like soldiers....7 of us pressed onward......missing a key turn. Eventually we turned around and headed back because we were way off course. I was dead. Dan S. was suffering. A chime of "this isn't fun anymore" came from Dan T. and I had to agree. On the route back I got spit out again as my legs were out of gas. I knew the way back and just kept spinning my own pace. Eventually Dave, Dan S. and Lindsey disappeared......a while later Dan T. disappeared. Thankfully I made the last turn and pushed to the mansion.

105 miles in total. My second century ever. Thanks to everyone for putting on the event. Thanks to the people that drug me around for 100 miles, and thanks to the guys for making me keep going.

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