Monday, December 17, 2012

Monday Update Dec 12

This week was less than stellar. I ended up gaining back what I lost last week and then adding some more on. Sitting firmly at 261.5  My own fault...and I have no excuses. Too much food (good food christmas on Saturday and then various goodies yesterday) and too little exercise.

So....not going to bore you with the same "I know what I need to do" type of thing...but rather let you know that I have registered for two races for the 2013 season. Barry Roubaix will be the first race. It is mainly gravel roads with some paved and a few super sandy sections. Last year I got caught by the pros doing the longer course....this year I don't want that to happen. I want to get home before they do....because while they will probably be about the same speed....I have major room for improvement.

Second is the Yankee Springs Time Trail. Last year I felt awful during this race and finished was my first Sport race. This year will be different....I will try to win....but my main goal is to shave time...and to chase down Dan S. and Brian B. Small victories will be in all comes down to the same thing.

Weight loss. I have 18 weeks until the Yankee TT. That could be 36 pounds if I lose 2 per week. I would be at 225 if I could average that loss per week. So....that is the least I will do. I want to stay healthy but I want to get this weight off too.

Goal for Barry Roubaix 2:30:00 This would be an improvement of 24 minutes. Its on.
Goal for Yankee is to be sub 1 improvement of 12 minutes.

If I weight 225......I will do it......check back in to see how my attitude has changed.....and see what I have in store for the next few months.

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