Monday, December 10, 2012

Monday check-in

I realize I never posted last week.....because last week there was nothing to report. Long week and a gain of .75 pounds. This past week was better.....a few hours of training and a 2 pound loss. Progress is progress. I am working on getting my mind wrapped around what I actually need to do. It is so easy to just say what needs to be done.....but it is a different story when the action is required. I am slowly turning my train of though onto the right set of tracks and really paying attention to the details. For example.....getting the trainer set up is is not enough.....using it is the next logical step. I set it up and actually used it 3 times this past week. Not much right....but that is 3 more times on the bike than I have had in the previous 2 that is progress. I have a few different training regimens I can choose from....and 2 of the 3 are spelled out for 12-15 weeks....I simply need to follow the schedule. Easy enough.

The next thing is food. I have been cutting meals down and eating a little less....minus last night. I had a sundae at 10pm instead of getting on the bike.....but......I did still post the 2 pound loss this week. Might have been 2.25 if I had skipped it. But, I will not be doing that every night....or every weekend for that matter. Cutting a little at a time is easier and I am setting myself up to do this damn weight loss thing right....for the long term....and to get off of the roller coaster that I have been on for the past 4 years.

I want to be fast. I want to be skinny.   I want to be HEALTHY. That is the main thing right now....the rest will come with the healthy changes. I am going to fashion some sort of trainer for my 8 year old to use as well. She would love to spin with me through the winter. There is some extra incentive. Even after only 3 days of training I have more energy and actually feel 30% better than last week. This week I expect another improvement and will take what I can get......and as far as losing weight.....I will lose it.....but I will also destroy it cannot come back.

Have a good week! (it snowed here today....just a all you skiers should be excited that it might actually snow heavy enough to ski soon!)

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