Tuesday, July 21, 2015

5th Annual Remember Big Timmy Ride

5 Years have passed since Tim left us. Lots of new friend. Lots of new adventures. He still comes to mind now and then. This day was to remember him....

This rock stands at the top of a switchback climb on the Green Loop at Fort Custer. I never met Erin. I have no idea who Erin was as a person. I imagine that she was an amazing person if someone left this kind of memorial for her. The quote says "Friends are spokes in the wheel of life". I always think it is cool to see this memorial, but on this day it had more meaning.

The ride was smaller this year. Jimmy, Lisa, and newcomer Chris W. joined me for the ride. We rode the red loop and gathered at the trailhead to see if anyone else was joining. Nobody did...except for a single butterfly. In previous years the butterfly would land on us. This year....it fluttered by and landed a short distance away....as if it was Tim....just listening in on our conversation. We rode part of the green.....then a storm rolled in.

I got a text so I stopped to check it. It was Dan telling us to take cover. I looked around and realized we were in trouble. We were far out on the green and had to sneak some shortcuts to dump out at the boat launch. Jimmy and Lisa hauled ass back to the trailhead while Chris and I hurried to Eagle Lake. I got the bikes in the suburban and it unloaded on us. Huge winds, thunder, lightning, RAIN and sirens going off in the distance. Tornado? Maybe. It was a short storm and the families were arriving.

We headed to the beach and set up. Had some food and we were relaxing. There was some turmoil when a trip to ER had to happen. My father-n-law had a vein start bleeding and it wouldn't stop. So they took him the ER and ended their day at the beach. We hung out and swam and chatted. My phone chirpped and it was a tornado watch in Allegan. I decided it was time to pack up....and the DNR Sounded a horn to pull people off the lake. We packed up and headed to my in-laws house. As soon as we unloaded the truck it stormed like crazy again. It was the right choice to leave.....even though a lot of people stayed. A County Sheriff pulled in as we were leaving....I can only assume to enforce the closure of the beach. People were still going to the beach and setting up. I am glad we left.

Overall it was a good day. Spent some time with friends and family and enjoyed getting a newbie out on the trail. I just simply need to ride more now. Been slacking off since Lumberjack. Anyway, it was a good day to remember my brother-n-law.....my friend....the guy that got me riding....and started me on this path where I have met so many amazing people. Miss you brother.

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