Thursday, February 2, 2017

Answers coming?

Perhaps I have some answers coming tomorrow. I have my followup with my GI doctor. 

Last Friday I had an endoscopy done and they actually found an ulcer. So, part of my issues have been explained. I had a CT scan Wednesday. All the "final" results will be tomorrow....hopefully.

I have been feeling an extent. I was able to take my youngest on her Ski trip Tuesday and we were on the slopes all day. 

So the good news was that my endurance was pretty solid. I am sore as hell today, but I am old and stuff. I am just heading in the right direction and hope to have some answers tomorrow.

I have been on the trainer a few times and plan to get outside this weekend. Hopefully that goes well.
Need to get the legs going before the season gets here....and it is right around the corner.

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