Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Finally back!!

Maybe you don't know...but I have been struggling with some health issues for the past 2 months. The good news is....I am finally healing and ready to get back into action!

What better place to test the fitness....than Yankee Springs?? dumb right? Well, not exactly...

See, I needed to head out and ride in the snow for multiple reasons....and Yankee was just another reason. Here they are.

1. Snow, buck up and get out there in the cold (even though it was 30's)
2. Just get out and ride to see where my fitness level actually is located.
3. Yankee, well...because I know the trail...I know it is hard....and why not?

I geared up and headed out. There was a group riding, but I needed to just ride solo and get my bearings. First off, Yankee was in great shape! I am sure that has been ruined by the 40+ degree days and the SHIT TON of rain we got today, but it was good when I was there.

I started on the warm-up loop...which is different now. Last year they made the excellent decision to move the start/finish of both loops to the main parking lot instead of up the road towards the entrance. After a quick stop at the directional sign I was off and riding. Not fast, just pedaling. Trying to figure out what this fatbike thing is all about....especially in the snow.

Some of my friends might remember my first ride on a fatty....and how it ended with me in a pile with Dan using me as a landing pad! I have only ridden this bike 2-3 times and am still getting acclimated to a bike that is 16 pounds heavier than The D.U.F.F. 

The ride was about as expected. I was running out of gas pretty early for the simple fact that I have zero endurance. Still, it was a great day to be out in the woods again doing what I love. I will get my legs back and then we can go for a ride, until then....keep the rubber side down!

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