Monday, January 23, 2012

That New Bike Smell..... has been about 3 years since I got a new bike. I got my Epic Expert off the show room floor from Cross Country Cycle in Holland. Great bike, on the verge of being out-dated, but only because it has 26" wheels. Speaking of wheels...being a heavier rider I have burned through a few rear wheels in my day. I blew bearings out of one while I was riding it....wheels wobbled right under me like a shiatzu machine. I have rebuilt a few sets with little success. Maybe I should actually learn how to do it. Anyway, I bought a nice set of wheels and rode them into the ground before spokes started breaking. I finally had enough and put out some feelers. The result is a really nice set of Mavic Crossmax SL's. Thanks to Mr. Boese on my team I will be riding the dirt in style!

Mavic Crossmax SL tubeless ready!!

The next thing on my list for this season was a road bike. I have always wanted one and after the Holland 100 last year I was really really wanting one. I had it narrowed down to two different bikes from Custer Cyclery (my awesome shop that I ride for!!). It came down to the Defy 1 and the Defy Composite 2. Basically the same bikes, but one carbon and the other not. I was waffeling for a few weeks and talking it over with my wife (who for the most part seemed dis-interested). I was talking to Dan, my shop owner, on facebook when my wife got home.....with this in the back of the car!!!

Giant Defy Composite 2
She made up my mind for me and brought me home this beautiful Defy Composite 2. Now I have two less excuses for this year. I cannot wait until this crappy weather breaks so I can get outside!

My first race is in about 8 training rides out there on Barry-Roubaix will start probably in February.

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