Monday, March 26, 2012

Best Recovery Ride EVER!

Ready to RIDE!!!!!
With major soreness in my legs from Barry Roubaix, I need a recovery ride on Sunday. Everyone was sorta scattered family wise. Isabel has been bugging me since last fall about when we will go riding together and I thought Sunday would be a perfect day. We loaded up the bikes and headed down to Kal-Haven Trail for a little ride. She has never ridden very far...and this test was going to be 9 miles of flat peat gravel rail trail for this little soon to be 8 year old.

Kal-Haven Trail
We headed down the trail and she was cruising right along. I was spinning an easy gear and I appreciated a rider I could keep up with. She kept making comments about falling into the water because some of the areas had higher levels from the rain, but she never did...she just kept riding.
Single speeder!
Her little engine cruised for almost 3 miles before she needed a break. Her only seat makes my butt hurt. She didn't even want to sit on the bench. She took a sip and we hit the trail again...with about 1.5 miles to Bloomingdale for the ice cream pit stop!

Time for a rest!
We made it...and the ice cream place was CLOSED? Lucky for us there was a gas station right there as well that had some ice cream so she was very happy.....but she never sat....she stood right there and ate!

Time for a snack

After the snack we headed back to the car. She took a break part of the way back and had a drink. After a while she started complaining that she was getting tired. I told her we could take a break but she just kept going. Then we could see the building by the parking lot. The little snot sped up....feeling the end being near. She looked at me and said "I will see you at the car" in the sweetest voice ever and off she pedaled as fast as she could go. She made it to the car and collapsed into the front seat.

I am done!

I rewarded her with Subway for dinner. So proud of this little girl to get on a bike and ride 9 miles on her first go. That brings me to the title of the post. I am proud of my kids for everything that they do. From reading a book to making a healthy choice to their own endeavors. I was able to spend time yesterday with a kid that loves sports. I just cruised and listened to her talk about what she was seeing or asking about the chipmunk holes in the trail. Relaxed. Next time she wants to go further.....push to 10 miles. I will take her gladly and have Zack along to. It won't be long until these two will be leaving me behind on the road and trail while I try desperately to hold on. I thank my family for loving what I love and for supporting me at the races. I am super happy that they want to ride too.....and I am excited to see what happens!

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