Friday, March 16, 2012


I missed an opportunity to ride outside Thursday evening. My daughter has dance for nearly 2 hours and I was going to throw the bike on the car and ride while she was dancing. The weather was beautiful as Southwest Michigan was setting record highs for the second day in a row. It didn't work out for me to bring my bike, other business needed to be attended to.....but I plan to take it next week.

So....I tortured myself on the trainer yet again. It was nice though to have the windows open. The smell of the fresh air and the sounds of the neighbors fighting, along with Iceman playing on the television made the ride feel like I was outside....without the wind, dogs, drivers, and potholes.

My first race of the season, Barry Roubaix, is in 8 days. We have one more weekend of training and then a mixed bag of riding during the week leading up to the race. I am majorly refocused and following a training schedule for the first time ever. Two weeks now I have followed the program and have noticed some improvements. I have also been watching what I eat closer and have managed to drop some weight in the last two weeks. This week is shaping up to be another solid loss. Which brings me to the title of the post....Sweat.

Last night on the trainer I could feel my core temperature rise very quickly. With temps outside in the mid 70's the house was definitely warmer. Even with a fan I was sweating earlier in the ride....which is great for the weight loss aspect of things. The funny thing was....nearly 20 minutes after my ride and after my shower I was getting ready to lay down to sleep and I was still sweating. Normally once I get out of the shower I feel relaxed and my core temperature is down to normal. Last night was different....maybe my metabolism is finally getting revved up and working harder towards my goals.

I hope so......I have some major carrots to chase in the next few weeks......

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